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Artist Resume




Quicksilver Media, Spokane WA, December 2012

BarnHart Associates Real Estate, Eugene OR, April through June, 2011

The Horse Head, Eugene, OR, March, 2011

Akasu Hair Studio and Salon, August through October 2009, Portland, Oregon

Shearwater Gallery Group Show, Rock n Roll, August through January

2008/09, Seaside, OR

The Children’s Garden, September through January 2008/09, Portland, Oregon

Gotham Tavern, June through July 2008, Portland, Oregon

East Burn, May through July 2008, Portland, Oregon

The Bamboo Groove Saloon, Group Show Blossoms, April 2008, Portland, Oregon

Touchstone Coffee, April 2008, Portland, Oregon

Castlegar Public Library, Group Show, The 5th Ave Artists, January

through March, 2008, B.C.

Monochrome, October 2007, Portland, Oregon

Tandem Coffee House, September 2007, Portland, Oregon

The Lofted Lair Gallery, April 2007, St. Helens, Oregon

Village Building Convergence May 2007, Group Show, Portland, Oregon

Muddy Water's, March 2007, Portland, Oregon

Vino Paradiso, January 2007, Portland, Oregon




Town of Lakeview Water Tank, Lakeview Oregon, 2012

NCO Railway Train Mural, Lakeview, Oregon, 2011

Lake County Court House Mural, Lakeview, Oregon, 2010

Holiday Card for New Avenues for Youth, Portland, Oregon, 2009

Chamber of Commerce Holiday Card, Lakeview, Oregon, 2010

Triptych for Urban and Public Affairs Building, Portland State

University, Portland, Oregon, 2007




Diploma in Mixed Media, Kootenay School of the Arts, Nelson, British Columbia, 2000


Artist Statement:


These paintings are a reflection of the joy I find in life. The modern cityscape comes mostly from my imagination but at times I will find inspiration in communities that are close to my heart or images I find interesting through research.  My work involves the layering of acrylic paint on textured surfaces to invoke depth and spaciousness.  If there is one underlying theme to my work, it is detail. Detail in color, detail in composition and detail in design. 

My Inspiration

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My mom told me that as a small child I would watch her painting, patiently, while sitting on the counter top. I believe that those moments in time shaped me to be the artist that I am today.


She always gave me encouragement. Telling me to keep at it. Or giving me instructions on how to do bubble letters or how to draw an object. Mom was my first art instructor and my favorite by far. Of course there were times when she gave me constructive criticism. She taught me not shed tears when the client says that something just isn’t right. It has taken many years for my skin to thicken to the point it is today, but I will always be thankful to her for those first few tears that I had to painfully shed.


I remember in high school I started to push my talents in art class. It was so much fun and all I wanted to do was to draw. One evening I came out of my room with a drawing I had done of Jim Morrison and she could not believe her eyes. I think at that moment she knew what I was going to be when I grew up.


Lori Ann, my mom grew up to be an artist as well. She was always creating as a child and then pursued a life of creativity when us kids were small. But one day she put all of her paints into a box, tucked them far back into the closet and focused on raising us kids and keeping a happy home. She made us homemade clothes, taught us to be thrifty and most of all to be nice. Then we left the nest and all was quiet.


After college I traveled around the US for a few years. I was living life and enjoying being creative on the side. It was nice. I moved close to home just about the same time as Mom retired from her role of Head of the Paint Department at Home Hardware. A week later she fell ill with polymialga. This disease was a monster that ate at her from the inside out. For many years we watched her suffer with pain and yet she stayed positive and determined to beat the thing. At some point during the illness something began to whisper in her ear. She heard the sound of those old paints tucked back in the closet. She hauled the box out and with one brush stroke to the next she began to remember what was hidden so deep inside, the artist within She painted and then she drew and then she painted some more. With the watchful eye of our neighbor artist Bob, she perfected her skills and began once again feel confident in her work.


Then the jewelry bug bit! She got hooked literally on making earrings, necklaces, bracelets and bangles. Mom and Dad would go camping in the summer and she would sell her wares right off the picnic table, paying for their stay at the park all the while! She got into going to fairs and making a name for herself. She was having so much fun! It wasn’t long afterwards that her “poly” left her. I think it had to do with finding happiness in her art/heart. She is complete when she creates. I think that the “poly” was feeding off of the emptiness created by the lack of creating. She over came that monster and has never looked back. She is a completely self taught artist and she is my biggest inspiration. Thank-you Mom!

I finally did it!!!

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It only took me seven years of procrastination to get this site up and running and I did it in about three hours.  I was waiting for the day that you could build a site on your own, for free and most importantly, in about three hours!

Well here it is.  Blog and all!  This site will be a way for my friends, family and new folks to see the art work I have done from past to present.  Stick with me!  Right now all I have up are the photos of my art with no descriptions, no titles, no years, no nothing!  That will have to come in time.   

Please feel free to "share (me) on Facebook" because we all know the power of social media!  Share Share Share!

I am currently living in NE Washington with my honey Josh.  We are in the works to open a gallery/studio space to display my work and a dozen or so other talented artists.  Check back in for blog entries about the project and updates of my art. 

Your friend,